Monday, 15 December 2014

Dear: Santa

Dear : Santa,

MERRY CHRISTMAS I hope your having an awesome day and I hope your weather is fine, so you can deliver presents in time or even earlier. I hope you have an awesome Christmas and you make everyone happy. I can’t wait for Christmas.

Has anyone ever seen you?
How old are you, Santa?
How old is Rudolf?
What is your favorite reindeer?
How many elves do you have?
What is the name of your favorite elf?
Do you have a middle name?
Do you get presents?
Why do you live in the south pole?
Do you see any polar bears?
Do you have a pet?
What is your house built of?
Is your house big or is it just as big as an igloo?
Why is Rudolf nose red? Did a wasp sting it?
Exactly, how big is your sleigh?
How many reindeer do you have?
Do you have a fun time for Easter?
Have you ever fell off your sleigh?
How do you fly all the way around the world in one night?
How many presents do you make in a year?
Do you know any jokes?
How many games have you bought?
How do you get down a chimney? Aren't you fat?
How much money do you have?
Has anyone met you? ( except for Mrs Claus )
Have you ever been robbed?
How big is your workshop?
Do you do any exercise?
Do you go to the gym?

I used to be a rugby player and my family never waits until Christmas because it’s the most favorite day of the year and thank you for all the presents and the lollies. I love Christmas because we get presents and it’s the time when your family gets together and has a good time. Every Christmas my family has a huge dinner because of you and you are the most awesome person in the world! I have 3 brothers and their names are Aydan, Isaac and Joseph, you probably know them.

Please may you get me for Christmas :

  • A sleigh ( like yours )
  • Some lollies
  • The coolest decked skateboard
  • A spy kit
  • A Halloween costume ( Zombie )
  • An  animal jam membership card
  • Skies
  • More Xbox games
  • A Xbox one
  • A cute pet hamster
  • Some bunny food ( carrots and cabbage )
  • A hamster running wheel
  • A hamster water drink bottle ( that hangs off the side of the cage )
  • A hamster cage

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