Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Diamante Poem

Rex Graham Cup
Intense, smashed
wasting us, not winning, trying
Passing, smooth, quick
losing, running, sprinting
Muddy, wet

Sense Poem

Peak Trail Blazer

The Peak Trail Blazer,
I see people sprinting in front of me,
I feel the souls of my old shoes wearing out,
I taste my sweat, dripping down my forehead,
I smell the soggy, damp dirt and
I hear someone, creeping up behind me!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

3-D And 2-D Shapes

2-D Shapes

I did 3 2-D shapes and 0 3-D shapes because 3-D shapes take way to long. I added zen tangling, swirls, circles and bold and 3-D writing. I used the I-pad to take the picture and sent it to myself. Zen tangling and shape making is fun. To make the shapes we used red play dough and match sticks ( Different colours ).

Friday, 1 May 2015

The Beach Was Usual Enough

The beach was usual enough, it had
lifeguards, an ocean, a watch tower, a boogie by itself, and even seashells all over the sand I never picked up.   My brothers and I did what boys always do on the beach -
Laid in the steaming sun, Built sand castles,
Dug a hole to bury each other, Boogie boarded down the waves,
Drank sea salt water on accident,
Doing nothing important.